Our production process never ends without Pre-shipment inspection. We ensure that production complies with specifications of the buyer and/or the terms of a purchase order or letter of credit. It is very important that manufactured products are produced to a high standard. Our inspection begins right from the material sourcing and components at every stage till being delivered to the plant. Testing of the finished product also takes place and will also include follow up with the customer after the sale.


As we understand export business requires more of documentation support, we associate with one of the reputed shipping agents for documentation, bank support, customs clearing service, int’l freight forwarding operating in Chennai Port / Tuticorin Port in India with a team of dedicated personnel to extend professional service pertaining to any shipping activities.


We believe that communication has the potential to become the ultimate differentiator in prospecting efforts and then in client retention. We adopt all recent technologies favoring communication that we will have a much better chance at establishing a relationship with a potential client than our competitors. For our existing clients, regular communication helps confirm that we are thinking of them often and genuinely care about them in the real world. We are sending the message that every interaction we have with clients is carefully thought out ahead of time and done so with a specific purpose.


In extension to delivering quality products, we also support on the installation part. One of our engineers would guide you in person / virtually at your place to install the product delivered and sample test production will be taken. Demo to operate the machine will be given to the assigned technical person at your place.


We are at your service throughout the entire lifespan of your products. We offer a broad range of after-sales services and support, which ensure top quality standards, fast problem resolution and the ability to establish a high-value image. Our expertly trained teams provide customer service, repairs and maintenance, on-the-spot training and know-how transfer, offering real added value to suppliers and customers alike. We ensure that the availability of spares and your equipment runs at peak performance at all times.


We ensure that our products are protected and packaged from moisture, oxygen, odors, liquid spills and rust-free to extend product life and quality, prevent damage and more. At the same time, we continually source at work to bring you new and better innovations in packaging materials to most effectively meet your active packaging needs.